Craig Bond

Our mission at Abbott Ball is to satisfy customers absolutely. That calls for on-time, on-spec deliveries of excellent products and an ability to solve problems as they arise. Many of our products were developed to suit one customer's specific requirements and went on from there to serve an entire industry. We encourage that kind of innovation by cooperating with customer engineers on new product development.

Precision Ball ManufacturingWe are a continuous improvement company; we listen carefully to ideas from our employees, suppliers and customers. And we act upon that input by investing in equipment and techniques that will improve quality and reduce manufacturing costs. We have developed proprietary manufacturing and inspection processes so that you should never have an assembly problem with our products, no matter how many millions of balls you use.

Once we make a delivery commitment, we do everything possible to meet it. We even take extraordinary steps, like keeping emergency inventories at our plant, to safeguard your continuous product supply from Abbott Ball. I invite you to visit our plant, meet our people and learn firsthand the efforts we make to assure absolute customer satisfaction.

Roger A. L. Bond

The Abbott Ball Company

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