Plastic balls are an effective, economical substitute in low load bearings, agitators in aerosol spray cans, and in lightweight check valves. Plastic is lower in cost and used where weight is not an issue, or a lightweight material is desired. Abbott can supply plastic balls in Acetal, Celcon®, nylon, Delrin® and Polypropylene. Plastic ball surface finishes may vary from coarse to highly polished, according to customer specification.  Various colors and fillers are also available. Plastic balls are offered in a range of sizes and tolerances (grades).

Type Acetal, Celcon® and Delrin®
Specific Gravity 1.42
Water Absorption (method A, 24 hr) % .25
Tensile Strength at Yield, 100 psi 10.0
Elongated at Yield 40
Elastic Modulus in Tension, 105 psi 4.5
Flexural Strength in Tension, 105 psi 14.1
Elastic Modulus in Flexure, 105 psi 4.1
Compressive Strength at Yield, 1000 psi 5.2
Hardness N/A
Surface Finish Matte or Polished
Size Range As small as 0.3mm
Grades 1, 2, 3 *
Characteristics Good corrosion resistance
General Usage Agitator in aerosol spray cans
Lighweight check valves
Low load bearings
* Grade 1 ±.001" sphericity of .001"
Grade 2 ±.002" sphericity of .002"
Grade 3 ±.005" sphericity of .005"
±.010"; ±.020"
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